Veggie Nimbu Shorba  

Veggies, Lemongrass, Kafir Lime, Chilli Peppers

Watermelon Radish and Mandarin Salad  

Mixed Greens, Orange-Spiced Vinaigrette


Homemade Potato & Green Pea Savory Pastry

Cauliflower Bezule 

Chickpea Flour Batter-Fried, Tossed with Coconut & Mustard Sauce

Baby Spinach Chaat 

Chickpea Flour Batter-Fried with Crushed Spices, drizzled with Tamarind & Yogurt

Sweet Potato & Papdi Chaat 

Baked Sweet Potatoes, Wheat Crispies, Tamarind, Yogurt, Cilantro

Avacado & Bombay Bhel Chaat 

Puffed Rice, Ginger & Green Chilies Salad

Laal Mirch Ka Paneer Tikka 

Clay Oven-Roasted Cottage Cheese, Yogurt, Onions & Bell Peppers

Masala Pork Belly on Naan 

Baked Pork Belly Cooked with Onions & Tomatoes, Served on Naan

Chicken Buffalo Wings 65 

Crispy Fried Wings with Curry Leaves, Red Chilies, Ground Spices

Methi Malai Chicken Tikka 

Fenugreek-flavored White-Meat Chicken, Yogurt, Ginger & Garlic

Shrimp Kempu 

Corn Starch Batter-Fried, Infused With Mustard Seeds, Chilies & Lemon Juice

Fish Amritsari 

Batter-Fried Basa Fish Nuggets, Marinated with Garlic, Ginger & Spices

Lamb Seekh Kebab 

Minced Lamb Skewers with Celery, Garlic & Pounded Spices

Tandoori Pepper Salmon 

Clay Oven-Roasted, Infused with Pink, Black & Green Peppers & Yogurt


Saag Paneer 

Cottage Cheese Simmered in Puréed Spinach with Garlic & Onion

Kale, Snowpeas & Mushroom Labadar 

Trumpet & Veggies Tossed with Onion & Tomato Sauce

Anjeeri Kofta 

Potato & Fig Dumplings Simmered in Cashew Nut, Onion & Yogurt Sauce

Badami Baingan 

Stuffed Baby Eggplant with Almond, Tamarind & Fennel Seeds

Kalunji Bhindi 

Fried Okra Infused with Nigella Seeds & Raw Mango Chutney Sauce

Dal Makhani 

Black Lentils Cooked with Garlic, Tomatoes, Butter & Spices

Tandoori Chicken 

Clay Oven Roasted Mary’s Farm Bone-in Chicken, Classic Tandoori Marinade

Butter Chicken 

Tandoor-Roasted Chicken Simmered in Tomato Sauce, Flavored with fenugreek

Tamarind Chicken 

Oven-Roasted Bone-in Chicken Served with Tamarind & Coconut Sauce

Lamb Shank Rogan Josh 

Colorado Lamb Flavored with Ginger & Fennel Powder Sauce

Lamb Korma 

Colorado Lamb Cooked in Cashew Nut & Saffron Sauce

Wild Boar Balchao 

Goan-Style Curry with Malt Vinegar, Chili & Garlic, served with Bacon Mash

Snapper Rechardo 

Red Snapper Fillet Marinated with Red Chili, Onions & Spices

Pepper Shrimps 

Tiger Shrimps Cooked in Onion, Black Pepper & Coconut Sauce


Vegetable Biryani 

Basmati Rice Cooked In Dum-Style with Veggies, Saffron & Aromatic Spices

Chicken Biryani  

Basmati Rice Cooked In Dum-Style with Chicken, Saffron & Aromatic Spices



Tandoor Roasted Lentil Crispies

Home-Style Dosa 

Fermented Rice Pancake

Aged Basmati Rice 

Organic Brown Basmati Rice  

Spinach & Roasted Garlic Raita 

Seasoned Yogurt

Tandoori Breads

Stone-Ground Whole Wheat Roti  

Classic Naan  

Cilantro Garlic Naan  

Cheese Kulcha 

Stuffed Naan, White Cheddar & Cottage Cheese

Onion Kulcha 

Dill & Red Bell Peppers

Truffle Naan  

Assorted Bread Basket 

Classic Naan, Green Onion Kulcha, Laccha Paratha